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Clarence Winchester appointed Cecil J. Allen as Consulting Editor. He appears to have been commissioned to write a number of more specialist articles, all of which appeared anonymously within the pages of Railway Wonders of the World. It is only through the Editorials that his authorship of these articles can be established with any certainty, and these are the ones so identified on this page.

Articles by Cecil J. Allen

Cecil J Allen

Articles from “Railway Wonders of the World”

  1.  Engineering in New Zealand
  2.  The Permanent Way
  3.  Locomotive Speed Records
  4.  Speed Trains of Britain
  5.  Speed Trains of Europe
  6.  Detecting Rail Defects
  7.  Speed Trains of North America
  8.  Through the Bernese Alps
  9.  Giant American Locomotives
  10.  Switches and Crossings
  11.  The “Ulster Express”
  12.  Wonderful Alpine Ascents
  13.  The “Silver Jubilee”
  14.  Power Production in the Alps