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Algerian Railways

    Freight train

Armstrong Whitworth & Company

    0-4-0 diesel loco (& wagons)

Austrian Federal Railways

    Electrically hauled freight train

    Goods train crossing Gamperi Viaduct

Beckton Gas Works

     Loco on elevated track (with wagons)

     Loco with wagons

Belgian State Railways

    Marshalling yard - Antwerp (Nord)

    Train ferry wagon

Benguela Railway

     Construction train

Bradbury (private owner)

British Aluminium Company Ltd

Electric train (at Kinlochleven)

Electric train (near Kinlochleven)

Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway

     Heavy goods train

Burma State Railways

    Beyer-Garratt (on heavy freight train)

    Beyer-Garratt (with freight train)

    Mallet compound loco (hauling goods train)

Canadian Pacific Railway

    Box cars at Winnipeg

    Box cars (at Winnipeg Yard)

    Freight cars (at Coquitlam Yard)

    Snow plough

Central Railway of Peru

    Box cars and wagons at Ticlio

Ceylon Government Railways

    Brake van

Chinese National Railways

    Open box car

Danish State Railways

    Freight wagons on train ferry

Darjeeling-Himalaya Railway

    Train near Tindharia

    Train on Chambatta loop

    Train on mountain section

    Train rounding “Agony Point”

Dorking Greystone Company

     0-4-0T (in chalk pit with wagons)

Festiniog Railway

     Trains at Tan-y-bwlch

Florida East Coast Railway

     ”Water special”

German State Railways

     Shunting wagons

     Shunting wagons (from control cabin)

Gold Coast Government Railways

    Covered goods wagon

    Freight stock at Kumasi

    Goods train at Obuasi

Great Indian Peninsula Railway

    1,250 tons goods train

    2-10-0 loco (on goods train)

    Well truck No. 41999 (loaded)

Great Western of Brazil Railway

    Bogie sugar cane wagon

Great Western Railway

    20 ton coal wagon

    Contractors train at Severn Tunnel

    “Crocodile” wagon (plate)

    Flooded wagons at Severn Tunnel (1883)

    Paddington goods station (interior)

    Transfer shed (break of gauge)


Italian State Railways

    Mobile sub-station

    Refrigerated containers

    Refrigerated containers (on wagon)

    Refrigerated truck (1)

    Refrigerated truck (2)

    Refrigerated trucks (in depot hall)

    Refrigerated trucks (outside depot)

    Refrigerated trucks (outside depot 2)

Japanese State Railways

    Live fish van

    Live fish van (interior)

Kowloon-Canton Railway

    Breakdown crane


Wagon Illustrations

Lagos Railway

    Local train on Pimmi Bridge

Latvian State Railways

    Timber wagons (narrow gauge)

London & North Eastern Railway

    Boiler on wagon

    Electrical machinery on wagon

    Largest wagon in Britain

    Loco coal wagon (20 ton, welded)

    Loco coal wagon (at Whitemoor)

    Loco coal wagon (beside control tower)

    Loco coal wagon (from control tower)

     Motor Launch on wagon

    Ship’s Rudder on train

    Short goods train

    Underframe (all-welded)

    Wagon - Hornsey coaling plant (plate)

    Wagons at Edinburgh Waverley

    Whitemoor Down Yard

London Midland & Scottish Railway

    Beyer Garratt (hauling coal train)

    Cattle wagons in sidings (at Perth)

    Coaling a ship (at Heysham)

    Containers (for furniture removal)

    Durran Hill Yard (Carlisle)

    Goods train at Kyle of Lochalsh

    Goods train (near Duffield)

    Kingmoor Yard (Carlisle)  

    Kingmoor Yard (Carlisle)

    Petteril Bridge sidings (Carlisle)

    Transformer on wagon

    Viaduct Yard (Carlisle)

Malay States Railways

     Coal train (from Batu Arang)

Midland Railway

     Early goods train (on Lickey incline)

Moroccan Railways Company

    Train crossing Tensift Bridge

National Railways of Mexico

    Fuel oil tank train  

Netherlands East India State Railways

    Rolling stock at Semarang

New Zealand Railways

     Livestock train (in Rimutaka Pass)

Nitrate Railways (Chile)

    Nitrate train

    Standard flat wagon

Norfolk & Western Railroad

    Caboose No. 518411

North Sunderland Railway

    Train at Seahouses  

North Western Railway (India)

    Rolling stock at Kalka Junction

    Train at Kanoh station

Northern Counties Committee

    Goods train (3ft gauge)

Nyasaland Railways

    Rolling stock at Limbe

Palestine Railways

     Orange wagons (at Rehovot)

     Rolling stock (at Mazar)

     Train crossing Suez Canal

Peking-Hankow Railway

     Open box cars

     Sidings at Peking

Pennsylvania Railroad

     100 car train (on horseshoe curve)

     Fifty freight car train

     Track maintenance train

Polish State Railways

    Freight stock at Port Gdynia

Private owner wagons (at Penarth Dock)

Rhodesia Railways

    Log train (in Northern Rhodesia)

    Rolling stock (at Broken Hill station)

Sao Paulo Railway

    Freight train (on main line)

    Stock at foot of incline

South African Railways

    Coal train (in Natal)

    Goods train crossing Tugela River

    Heavy coal train (in Natal)

Southern Pacific Railroad

     70 wagon freight train

Southern Pacific RR of Mexico

     Freight train

Southern Railway

    Circus train (at Southampton)

    Feltham Yard

    “Ironing out” new line

    Wagons on “hump” (at Feltham)

Soviet Railways

    Side-tip wagons (in use)

Sudan Railways

    Wagons at Port Sudan

Swedish State Railways

    Electric loco (with iron ore train)

Swiss Federal Railways

Western Australian Government Railways

    Flat trucks loaded with grain

    Goods train (at Plavins Siding)

This page provides a complete list of all wagons illustrated in Railway Wonders of the World, and is designed to help identify all wagons depicted throughout the part work.

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