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This page provides a complete list of main illustrations in Railway Wonders of the World. The lists are based on the index pages which appear in part 50.

There are separate lists of the black and white art plates, the colour plates, and the photogravure supplements. Links are provided to take you to these illustrations.

Many of these illustrations can also be viewed as slide shows. Separate pages are provided for the the black and white art plates, the colour plates, the photogravure supplements, the full-page black and white illustrations, and the full-colour covers.

List of Illustrations

List of Black and White Art Plates

The Fury of the Blizzard (part 4)The "Sydney Limited"

Washing a Locomotive - at Montreal (part 7)

Devastated - snow-shed destruction in the Andes (part 10)

The “Princess Royal” Locomotive (part 12)

St Pancras Station (part 15)

Automatic Coaling at Hornsey (part 16)

The Famous Lickey Incline (part 19)

Building the “Rocket” - in 1935 (part 22)

On the Route of the “Cornish Riviera Limited” (part 25)

German Streamlined Locomotive (part 28)

In the Semmering Valley, Austria (part 31)

The Baltschieder Viaduct (part 34)

On the Route of the Lapland Express (part 37)

The Overhaul of Underground Rolling Stock (part 40)

The “Sydney Limited” (part 43)

Locomotive Cab Fittings (part 46)

Leaving Budapest (part 49)

List of Photogravure Supplements

#StationsAir1Wonder Stations (part 1)

Floods, Fire and Earthquake (part 3)

Some Wonder Bridges (part 5)

Head-On - Notable Locomotives From Different Countries (part 8)

Stations From the Air - 1 (part 11)

“Cock o’ the North” (part 13)

Locomotive Speed Records (part 17)

Stations From the Air - 2 (part 20)

Wireless on German Trains (part 23)

Railway Architecture (part 26)

Clearing the Line (part 29)

Germany’s Wonder Stations (part 32)

Halls of the Giants (part 35)

Sydney Harbour Bridge (part 38)

British Locomotives (part 41)

Wonderful Alpine Ascents (part 44)

Australian Locomotives (part 47)

List of Colour Plates

“King” Class Four-Cylinder Express Locomotive (part 1)The "Sydney Limited"

Speeding Across a Continent (part 2)

Canadian Pacific Railway Giant (part 6)

This Mighty Express - “King George V” (part 9)

Between Bombay and Delhi - Frontier Mail Express (part 13)

America’s Most Famous Train - The “Twentieth Century Limited” (part 14)

The “Flying Scotsman” (part 14)

“A Clear Road” (part 18)

“The Night Journey” (part 21)

“Leaving Dublin” (part 24)

“Grenadier Guardsman” - LMS “Royal Scot” (part 27)

“Lord Nelson” -  Southern Railway Locomotive (part 30)

On the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (part 33)

The “Cornish Riviera Express” (part 36)

Express Passenger Locomotive of the “Royal Scot” Class (part 39)

“Passing at Speed” - on the Great Western Railway (part 42)

The “Flying Scotsman” - Leaving King’s Cross (part 45)

Turbine-Driven Pacific - of the LMS Railway (part 48)